Ultimate Bachelorette Guide 2019: Best and Worst of Maui ūüĆī

Ultimate Bachelorette Guide 2019: Best and Worst of Maui ūüĆī

Lydia wanted a low-key bachelorette.¬†"No penis¬†balloons or bride sashes" she made us promise.¬†ūüćÜūüéąSo we went extreme in every other possible way, planning an epic 4 day adventure.¬†We partied with¬†fire-dancers at a luau, hiked to hidden beaches, cliff jumped, and imbibed our fair share of ros√©¬†and¬†White Claw. Here's how we¬†built our itinerary, what we packed, and where things went wrong.¬†ūüíÄūü¶ą

Planning Processūüí°

Maui was an obvious choice for Lydia's bachelorette for a few reasons: there are direct flights from San Francisco, the weather is spectacular, and there's so much pun potential around "Getting Maui'd" - no one appreciates a pun more than Lydia.

When it came to where to stay on the island, we spent hours researching and talking to friends who frequent Maui. Here's an article by Hulaland with a full breakdown of the island. 

We used Instagram to see what was popular on the west shore. We looked up the hashtag "#maui" and then¬†clicked into top posts to see what location was tagged.¬†That's how we¬†learned about Aloha Surf outside Lahaina. We loved the surfboard rainbow ūüĆą so much that we decided to coordinate our outfits for this photo!

Ultimately, we decided to stay on Maui's West Shore because it has the best weather, there's an abundance of hiking trails and snorkeling options, sailboats can pick you up from the beach, we wanted to explore the quaint whaling town, Lahaina...

And the swankiest resorts are on Maui's West Shore. We finagled a great rate for the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua Maui - the cost was $100/night/person to stay at the Ritz. How could anyone say no to that?! Did I mention we went over Memorial Day Weekend?! It's a bonkers insane rate.

**PRO TIP 1: The Ritz-Carlton and all Marriott Hotels have a Best Rate Guarantee. If you find a better price for your stay, they'll match it and take an additional 25% off. We found a rate on a site called Prestigia and sent it through the claim form. They updated our rate within 24 hours. Here's the email: 

Marriott Best Rate Guarantee

**PRO TIP 2: If you're reserving multiple rooms for a bachelorette, call the resort to make sure they're connected. We were told that the Ritz "doesn't have adjoining double queen rooms." They do. Some of the wheelchair accessible rooms are adjoining double queen rooms and thus perfect for 8 friends on an epic sleepover. 

Maui Itinerary¬†ūüďÖ

Sara was the unofficial organizer of the trip - she's a professional event planner and wow did she go to work maximizing every detail. Below is the itinerary that she sent out ahead of the trip.

Note that she also suggested outfits for each day. This might seem a bit extreme, but honestly it made packing easier, and who doesn't like an excuse to go shopping?! Also our photos looked mad cute. Everyone's favorite outfits were the palm print pajamas and the white beach coverups! 

Day 1: Friday

Let's travel in style, stock up the hotel room, and then exorcize our mainland demons in the most touristy way possible: a Luau! 

  • Morning¬†flight to¬†Maui
    • white t-shirts & black leggings, jean jackets
  • Stop at Costco by airport to pick up Wine & White Claws **note you don't need to be a member to purchase alcohol at Costco**¬†
  • 40 Min drive to Ritz-Carlton; relax by pool¬†
  • Kaanapali Polynesian Luau & fire show
    • floral print dresses

Day 2: Saturday

Time to explore the island. We stalked social influencers to lockdown the most insta-worthy places to visit!

  • Hiking and snorkeling by Paia¬†
  • Explore the historical town of¬†Lahaina
    • explore = go shopping
  • Surfboard Fence¬†at Aloha Surf Hostel¬†
    • wear a bright solid color dress
  • Dinner at Sensei¬†

Day 3: Sunday

Time to shower the Bride to Be! We rented a cabana at the Ritz-Carlton for a low-key day by the pool. 

  • Cabana party & Lingerie Shower¬†
    • buy¬†a piece of lingerie and wrap it for the bride to be
    • bring a drinking game like chess shots
  • Sunset Cruise & Dinner at Merriman's

bachelorette maui dogandshark

Get these coverups here!¬†ūüõćÔłŹūüíúūüĎó

Day 4: Monday

  • Brunch at the Ritz
  • Kapalua Bay for paddle boarding and snorkeling
  • Cliff jumping
  • Wheels up at 10PM¬†

cliffjump maui bachelorette

Cliff jumping from Dragon's Teeth 

Best and Worst Parts of Maui Bachelorette 

We all had an awesome time and left wishing we could extend the trip. Here's what we loved most about Maui...

    1. The hotel was gorgeous and perfectly located near fun places to swim and hike. A Ritz-Carlton employee drove us to Dragon's Teeth via golf cart. It is very Game of Thrones - the wind caused lava to point straight up before hardening, thus looking like giant black teeth. We went cliff jumping from Dragon's Teeth, 30+ feet up. We also swam with turtles.

    2. Lahaina was a fun escape from resort land. Also, the Lahaina Pizza Company is fantastic after a long swim in Paia - it's the best place on the island to break your pre-wedding diet. 

    3. Renting a cabana was genius. We played drinking games like shot chess. The bride loved the lingerie gift game. The rules are as follows: each guest buys a sexy outfit for the bride. The bride unwraps each and guesses who bought the lingerie. If the bride gets it right, the giver has to take a shot; if the bride guesses the wrong person, she has to take a shot. Thankfully our bride only got two incorrect!

Steal our Style:¬†Palm Pajamas¬†ūüĆīūüĆī

 Now for what could have been better about our Maui bachelorette... Here are things we didn't plan for - learn from our mistakes!

  • Traffic: the drive¬†from the airport to west shore takes 90+ minutes if you go mid-day.

  • Service: When we checked into the hotel, our luggage went to the wrong room; we didn't get our bags for nearly 2 hours. We missed most of our pre-paid luau as a result.¬†Also, we met people at our pool who said that the valet lost their rental car - seems like there are frequent mixups.¬†

  • Mechanical Issues: We rented a catamaran, but the captain canceled due to engine issues. We booked¬†the sail through¬†Ritz-Carlton, but they¬†were useless when we tried to¬†reschedule. FYI Ritz-Carlton¬†contracts out their concierge/events offerings.

  • Sharks: The beaches were closed due to recent shark attacks. We couldn't rent paddle boards and technically we weren't supposed to go snorkeling. It didn't stop us from enjoying the¬†ridiculously warm water, but we were on high alert.¬†
  • Closures:¬†Some of Maui's most beautiful sites, such as Maui's Secret Painted Forest, were closed¬†for Memorial Day Weekend.¬†

  • Road Conditions: Maui may look small, but it's a very long drive from East to West Shore.¬†If you want to do the¬†Road to Hana and see West Shore, you should spend at least a week on the island. Also, if you do the Road to Hana, it¬†gets very windy. We¬†were told it's a bad idea to do Road to Hana in an SUV.¬†

Overall the trip was a huge success. In fact, the bride had so much fun she is heading back in December, spending 3 days on West Shore and then exploring the rest of the island, including the Road to Hana on an 8 day adventure. 

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